LNP Development & Manufactureing Service (Collaboration with Phosphorex)

NOF CORPORATION and Phosphorex collaborates to offer LNP Develipment & Manufacuturing using NOF’s proprietary ionizable lipids, COATSOME® SS to its clients.

The combination of NOF’s lipid technologies and Phosphorex’s experience in developing and scaling lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-based drug delivery solutions delivers a faster, more cost effective and reproducible outcome for customers.  This integrated approach, combining lipid chemistries with state-of-the art development and manufacturing processes provides a well characterized platform for customers developing LNP-based therapies.

NOF’s COATSOME® SS Series offers:

NOF’s off-the-shelf formulation is offered for: 

NOF also offer optimization of the structure of Ionizable lipid and LNP composition according to disease targets.


Phosphorex recognizes that this groundbreaking technology is poised to revolutionize therapeutic nucleic acid delivery and shape the future of medicine. Our team of experts offer:

Phosphorex’s Analytical Capabilities:

Recognizing that formulation, process development, and analytics are interconnected, Phosphorex advances analytical method development in a stage-appropriate manner, which is critical to ensure success of client programs, from feasibility to clinical manufacture. Phosphorex analytical services for nucleic acid delivery systems include API characterization, physical characterization, and development stability studies.

About Phosphorex                                       

Phosphorex is a leading provider of drug delivery technologies and solutions. By harnessing the potential of microspheres and nanoparticles for drug delivery, Phosphorex offers tailored solutions and enabling technologies to optimize a drug’s release rate, targeting ability, bioavailability, and deliverability, with the goal of achieving desired therapeutic effects while reducing adverse clinical outcomes. Phosphorex supports pharmaceutical and biotech companies through all phases of their development, from proof of concept to clinical studies. Phosphorex’s mission is to help our partners solve complex problems and develop successful drugs to help patients. Additional information about Phosphorex is available at www.phosphorex.com.