Pendant type PEG linker

NOF has developed novel Monodisperse PEG linkers that have pendant-like structure. The pendant type PEG linkers have two Monodisperse PEG chains with two different functional groups.  
The pendant type PEG linkers can improve hydrophilicity of ADCs by effectively masking hydrophobicity of payloads.

We prepared the ADC with the pendant type Monodisperse PEG linker. We evaluated the hydrophobicity of the ADC by hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) and performed in vivo pharmacokinetic study. The results demonstrated that the pendant type Monodisperse PEG linker improved hydrophilicity and pharmacokinetics of the ADC more effectively in comparison with the linear type Monodisperse PEG linker.

Molecular weight: 1640.81